What our clients think about us?

We use iRoaming as our communications provider for our services. It is truly seamless and on-point.

Jettins Amstrong Sosu

iRaoming is perfect for tracking vehicles that move in vast geographical locations. It easily switches network to the best available and lets you be able to still communicate with the vehicle anywhere and anytime.

Mary Anna Adu Gyamfi

We tested iRoaming and we are impressed with the level of service provided. We were able to integrate within a short duration and we were good-to-go.

Theophilus Mensah

We used iRoaming as our communication partner to monitor elections and we were able to achieve transferring DATA when it mattered most and at the most remote places in our country.

Raymond Ayayee

We had a PoC with iRoaming. We were able to achieve connectivity on our POS machines where we have had difficulty for years. Their technology works.

Kwamina Prah Graham Wilberforce

We use iRoaming to be able to communicate from our payment Kiosks to our DATA centre. We are always online and we are happy about this technology from iRoaming

Yemi Ade